Quality policy

HYKEMONT Ltd. is a manufacturer of steel products produced by shearing, bending, molding, welding and surface treatment by varnishing with over 20 years of experience. The main activity program is production and assembly of steel structures – storage containers and their components.

The company has its own manufacturing and operating facilities that enable the production of steel structures, various building structures, machine structures, production facilities and structures of non-industrial objects.

Into our products we integrate products and services of our suppliers, on which we continuously review and evaluate the quality and safety of the products. Our effort to meet the legitimate demands of our customers is supported by effective and independent quality control at all stages of preparation and realization of production.

Our vision is to be a reliable supplier and to consistently meet customer requirements for the scale, volume, quality and delivery term of our products. We compete for our customers in an open and fair business competition on the global market.

Our quality policy is to establish and continuously improve the system of quality management in accordance with EN ISO 9001, EN 3834-2 and EN 1090-1.2. This system is the basis for the creation of an efficient production system of HYKEMONT Ltd.

We apply this policy in relation to all interested parties. In this effort, we support and require the active participation of employees.

Certificates of quality:

ISO 9001:2015

EN 3834-2

EN 1090-1

EN 1090-2